Monday, September 12, 2011

Pravin Shekar receives the "Marketing Research Emerging Leader" Award from AMA

AMA Research and Strategy Summit, Orlando, USA
September 2011

Krea is pleased to announce that Pravin Shekar is being honoured with the “Marketing Research Emerging Leader” 4 Under 40 Award by the American Marketing Association (AMA).
This awards stands as a testament to Pravin’s thought-leadership and his continuing efforts to evangelize marketing research, entrepreneurship and towards the creation of a grassroots movement for MR.

***From the American Marketing Association***

The AMA has a long heritage of leadership in the marketing research industry. It is only fitting that, in this period of unprecedented change in the marketing research industry, the AMA honors the next generation of leaders who are shaping the future of our industry.

“The Marketing Research Emerging Leader Award is designed to showcase and recognize the contributions of the next generation of leaders in our industry. These are individuals who are leading change and embracing what’s next. In addition to recognizing past and present accomplishments, our hope is that this award may serve as motivation for other young leaders to push a little harder and reach a little further.”

Recipients for 2011: 
  • Amanda Durkee Partner, Zanthus Corporation
  • Martijn van Kesteren Manager, Consumer/Shopper Insights, Unilever
  • Orlando Wood Managing Director, BrainJuicer Labs
  • Pravin Shekar kreator-in-chief, Krea

Krea congratulates all the winners and thanks the American Marketing Association for this honour.

AMA: The awardees: 
  • Have consistently demonstrated a commitment to their industry, and the advancement of Marketing Research.
  • Are passionate leaders who have a high potential for collaboration and success, including leading by example, mentoring, transferring knowledge, taking a risk to achieve a desired outcome and motivating others.
  • Are under 40 years of age at time of nomination.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

krea: Job opening for Project Managers (Panels, Online Projects)

A blog for a job post! Why not? Time to redefine the boundaries.

Krea is on a scorching growth path and with that comes the need for team building and investing in awesome resources. We are looking for Project Managers to handle all online project requests.

Are you keen to work with a growing company? Are you a fun-loving, boundary-pushing achiever?
If you fit the bill, Krea is the place to be!

Check out the Job spec and apply to

Project Management (Panels, Online Projects)


• Project management for assigned projects (multiple concurrent projects – to schedule and budget)

• Timely Quality delivery of projects

• Client management/servicing

• Managing/Liasioning with other departments/vendors

• Ability to identify issues (current and anticipated) and Prompt escalation

• Co-ordinate with clients and teams across time zones


• Experience in Online MR/Sampling

• Project Management (specific to MR related projects, minimum one year)

• Router Experience (Hands on experience working with survey router technology)

• Experience in a sample/data collection company

• Superb communication skills and Fluent in English (Read/Speak/Write)

• Advanced knowledge of Excel

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Work long, Die sooner!

What drives people to work long hours?

Overload, Peer-pressure, understaffing or simply the need to prove a point!

Staying late has become fashionable. So much so that if any person actually leaves work when he/she is supposed to, they are looked down upon as under-achievers!

“Work while you work, Play while you play”, is an old saying – long forgotten. Now, that an entire generation of young Indians is following a western work-culture and aping certain mannerisms, the associated evils are bound to follow.

A recent news article in the Times of India clearly states “It’s official, long work hours can kill”. The article states the findings from researchers: Working more than 11 hours a day increases the risk of developing heart disease – by 67%.

India is event more vulnerable on the healthcare front. Half of India is young and falls prey to the "long hours in office = quick success" myth.
Now, let us combine long working hours with a sedentary lifestyle, fast-food at odd-times; and throw in hypertension, high cholesterol and smoking/drinking habits – what do we have?

The need to be more aware – and more active.

Spread the message. Work smarter. Play harder.