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Diabetes Prevalence in India

An overview of Diabetes Prevalence in India | Krea Healthcare Panels

• In India, 32 million people had diabetes in 2000 and it is expected to reach 80 million by 2030 – WHO

• 41 million people had diabetes in 2006 and the same is projected to rise to 70 million by 2025 - The International Diabetes Federation (IDF)

India is the second highest populated country and has the highest number diabetic patients followed by China and USA. Around 50.8 million people in India had diabetes in 2010. The diabetic prevalence is high among Indians (including NRIs) when compared to other ethnic groups. It is very unfortunate that diabetes affects Indians at younger age when compared to the western counterpart. The major factor for this condition is Asian Indian Phenotype - a unique phenotype characterized by increased abdominal obesity and visceral fat despite low body mass index (BMI).

In India, Diabetes prevalence is very much high in urban population and comparatively low in rural population. 11% of the obese, sedentary, urban Indians have diabetes and 0.7% of non-obese, physically active, rural Indian develops diabetes. Prevalence is higher among affluent, educated urban Indian and lower among poor, uneducated rural people. But the scenario in rural India is also changing due to the socio economic transformation.

This no cure condition is a result of aging, obesity, physical inactivity, insulin resistance, stress, food habits and lifestyle. Untreated diabetes lead to Heart and blood vessel disease, Kidney failure, Nerve damage, Eye damage, Foot damage, Osteoporosis and so on. Earlier diagnosis continues medication and changes in lifestyle would certainly help to bring diabetes under control.

Timeline Prevalence of diabetes in different parts of India:

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