Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who is 'the' young Indian?

The young Indian today is someone who is net-savvy, very well informed of the technological advances. He / she is open to communicate both with acquaintances and strangers.

He/she is an active participant in the democratic process, wants to see India as a developed nation rather than move away from the problems that the country faces. Where the previous generations looked at things from a negative perspective, the Young Indian looks at it as an opportunity – to work towards finding a solution for the problems at hand.

Not many may be fashionistas, but the young Indians definitely have a lot of choice in terms of their accessories- mobiles, ipods, netbooks, perfumes, clothes…..( yes in that order too!!!). He /she likes to party hard and work equally hard - if not - harder.

The young Indian also has the caring, nurturing angle to his/her persona- the willingness to volunteer and spend time for the less-priveleged.

Who is the Young Indian?- it is YOU- fun-loving, caring, enterprising, nurturing, introvertedly extrovert…..and so much more.