Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Does the Indian Youth face an Identity Crisis?!!!

Westernization versus tradition, haves versus have-nots & young versus old; Indian youth are torn between these divides which also prevents them from forming a united front.

The have-nots are deeply affected by poverty, which affects their ability to organize a protest. This group comprises the majority of Indian youth, with the haves numbering in the minority.

Both groups are exposed to mass media advertising and the have-nots are subjected to unsatisfiable cravings that lead to violence and crime. The haves indulge in self-destructive behavior that include taking drugs.

Youths are also frustrated that they are contributing economically to their country’s growth, but not given a say in the form this growth it should take; hence there is a feeling of unfulfilled political identities.

The Indian youth seem to want the best of both worlds; they want to see themselves as similar to their Western counterparts, but they also want to retain a certain ‘Indianness’.

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